TRX for Lifestyle

All Core - ALL THE TIME!


TRX is suspension training  –  it works by using your body weight as the resistance and your muscles to control the position while maintaining different degrees of a plank.

A mix of exercises are selected to improve general daily fitness – balancing posture, shape and flexibility.  It is possible to lose inches, stand taller, fit into clothes better, feel stronger and more able to cope with daily tasks by doing TRX exercises.

Exercises are more dynamic and effective than working with machines or weights and a lot more fun! All exercises are closely supervised for perfect technique at the correct level to be performed for the individual so that gains can be made.

Make your body the machine –  using your body weight to best advantage to use all core – all the time in every exercise. Increasing your lean muscle tissue speeds up your metabolic rate so not only do you look better, but you are leaner and you lose body fat!(combined with healthy eating)

TRX Suspension training session combined with dumbells/weights and slam balls/ropes exercises means endless variety and increased results.
Levels can be kept light or lethal depending on your ability.

The only thing holding you back is you!

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