In order to maintain reasonable membership costs… for the sessions to progress every week… and to maintain the high standard of suffering that all members expect in each session, it is necessary for all members to have fully paid up their membership before the end of week 1 of the block.
In return, Membership in The Lair and all that that entails will be guaranteed for a specific day and time for the Membership Period (usually a 5-7 week period subject to time of year.)

The Lair sessions are finely balanced to suit each group’s dynamic and ability levels, so regrettably a member is not permitted to transfer their membership on a given day to another person in their absence, nor is it possible to change your sessions on a weekly basis.

If you cannot attend and due notice is given, you may request an available cancellation slot through LB elsewhere within your membership block timeframe. These cancellation spots are subject to availability and suitability and may or may not be available or at a desirable time. It is the responsibility of the client to attend at their original agreed scheduled time. In order to achieve the best results and get the most out of your Membership, it is advisable to attend all scheduled sessions.

In the case of Red Weather Warnings set by MET Eireann, the Lair will be closed in the interest of safety for the clients travelling.  As an alternative, the sessions may be transferred online (subject to availability to internet in the instance of storm). It is the responsibility of the client to ensure that they have functioning internet and can be set up for online sessions.
If due to bad weather conditions (heavy snow/ice/floods/high winds) The Lair is not accessible to traffic due to conditions (but not classed Red Weather Warning), clients will be advised that accessibility by cars is not possible, but sessions will still go ahead as planned at their usual times ONLINE. Online sessions are only available to current clients who are already members and have received a full assessment in the area of training they wish to attend and have the necessary paperwork completed. Notifications will be sent out by text on the day to each group. It is the responsibility of each member to observe the messaging service.



If a Member wishes to retain their place in the next block of classes, it is necessary to confirm their wishes no later than the last day of your membership block as any unconfirmed slots will be advertised.
All memberships must be paid in full no later than week 1 of the membership block (any unpaid places by this date will be offered on)

In signing up for sessions – All members are agreeing to the Terms and Conditions, including those pertaining to Covid-19, safe and appropriate use of equipment, potential online sessions and must have signed all the relevant documentation.
All Terms and Conditions are detailed at the Studio and must be agreed to prior to signing up or attending.

LB requests that all members respect the venue, the equipment and the other members when attending. LB reserves the right to rearrange groups if required and reserves the right to renew or cancel membership at the end of a block.


1-1 sessions occur only at the Lair using the facility provided. Should poor weather prevent an in-person session then sessions may be arranged online. This is subject to prior assessment in person by LB, agreement to home training by LB, and availability of suitable home equipment and internet connection by the client. Home/Online training is payable via direct bank transfer in advance of training session.

Payment for in-person sessions is always at the time of the session in the form of cash or cheque please, we do not have a Credit Card facility at the Lair.


To provide the most efficient service for all clients for Personal Training sessions or massage/sports injuries treatments, please observe a minimum of 24hrs notice for cancellations.  Late cancellations will incur a charge.