Linda Bracken

Your Personal Trainer & Core Specialist

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Linda Bracken

Linda Bracken

Personal Trainer & Core Specialist

Over 27 years experience in the industry

Qualified University of Limerick in many fields – Diploma in Exercise and Health Fitness for many years training the trainers

Pilates qualifications
Stott Pilates Certified (Advanced)
University of Limerick Certified Pilates and Corrective Exercise Specialist

Qualified Personal Trainer

Specialising in Core training, Posture analysis, Flexibility and Personal Training

Certified Trainer in
TRX STC Suspension Training

TRX FTC Functional Training

Sports Injuries Therapist

Triathlon Level 1 Coach

Linda is working in the fitness industry since she qualified as a fitness professional with the NCEF  in 1995 and since then has been constantly updating and evolving her skills. Since 1997, she has also worked as an educator and trainer of fitness professionals in all areas of fitness instruction, including Personal training, Pilates and Corrective Exercise and Sports Injuries massage.

She has had the pleasure of working with a variety of specific sports with the aim of improving performance and injury prevention. She has worked with varying levels of athletes from general fitness clients widening their horizons and improving their game to others who have been involved in sport for years. Some of her client base have been involved in triathlon, cycling, rugby, rowing, ballet, Irish dancing, musicians (pain prevention), skills improvement and strength for horseriding, eventing and dressage. In more recent years she has worked with golfers, swimmers, cyclists, marathon runners and an Obstacle Course Runner. One notable runner she trained ran from Derry to Kinsale for charity #runwithciara.
She also regularly works with people who want to return from back pain, injury, or wish to improve their posture and lose inches and generally just improve their quality of life.

Linda’s own sporting background includes horse-riding, swimming and cycling and triathlon.
Her favourite personal areas of training are Pilates, Callisthenics, Stability Ball, TRX Suspension Training and weights. She loves being creative using different pieces of equipment and mixing body weight and alignment to create different effects. She can also incorporate a mix of higher intensity workouts involving battle ropes, medicine balls, slam balls and a mix of functional training approaches. Her working knowledge of the body helps her to visualise and plan the best possible approach for you.

As no two clients are the same, she does not believe in the “cookie cutter” approach of “one size fits all” because, basically… it doesn’t.
Exercise is not like lycra and must be tailored to the individuals even in group sessions to get the best results.
Everyone’s path is different and this is possible to achieve in this training setting.

If you need the “baby steps” approach of multiple break down of exercises to develop the necessary strength and flexibility in particular muscles and joints to perform a movement, then she will create the appropriate chain of exercises to get you there safely.
All exercises are modified to the level of the client.

If you are ready for the “dark side” and ready to push on, she has the creativity mixed with a dash of evil that makes her able to make even the toughest mortal work hard.

The Lair Training Space

Her training sessions take place in “The Lair” (jokingly named by her clients and the name stuck), this is a private training space away from the masses with a lovely view of Keeper Hill. Its where her unique imagination is let loose and sessions progress and evolve each time, so there is no chance of stagnating or getting bored with your training…and there is nowhere to hide.

If the idea of getting fit and training away from the usual gym setting appeals and you want to perform to the best of YOUR ability, then this could be for you.


All Safety Procedures are available to view on site by members.
By signing up for sessions each member is agreeing to abide by these.

As with before the Covid 19 pandemic – in the interest of health and safety, all sessions both individual and group are strictly by appointment only – there are no walk-ins permitted.
Group classes are booked for a block of weeks in advance for a specific time slot each week.
Please contact Linda to discuss your options and for available spaces.

All equipment is sanitized between uses – all clients are also taught how to handle equipment safely.

Outdoor training in the fresh air is proven to be better for body and mind and it has the added bonus of removing the risks that can come with indoor training.

At the Lair we have a specially designed covered outdoor training area so we still have the benefits of all the equipment, a clear flow of fresh air and peace of mind.
During warmer months – all training will be enjoyed in the outdoor training spaces. During the cooler winter months, strength group sessions will remain mostly outdoor as they are harder workouts and its good for the soul! but Pilates will revert to the indoor training area.
All clients will be notified if any change in restrictions occurs and if session structure must be revised (for example from in-person to online).

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