Group Training for Sports Performance

Why suffer alone when you can suffer together?

Training for Sports Performance

Maximise your potential

Training for Lifestyle

Love the body you live in

Training for Rehabilitation

For safe return to training or functional living


Suffer alone or suffer with friends

TRX for Sports Performance

Come to the Dark Side

Personal Training for Lifestyle

Everyone's path is different

TRX for Lifestyle

All Core - ALL THE TIME!

TRX for Rehabilitation

Rethink your training - balance, strengthen and stabilise

Pilates for Sports Performance

It's not just for girls.....

Group Training for Lifestyle

Reclaim your body

Pilates for Lifestyle

Feel good in your skin

Personal Training for Sports Performance

Because you want results

Pilates for Rehabilitation

Realign your body and rediscover optimum body function

Personal Training for Rehabilitation

For the care and attention you need

Linda provides  a wide selection of programmes designed to help you reach your goals whether you are improving your performance for sport, rehabilitating after injury, or just want to get back into shape.

Between personalised 1-1 sessions or working in the small groups- there is something for everyone. All of this is backed up with 25 years of experience and training in fitness and sport combined with working for many years as an educator in the field.

Training sessions in The Lair are effective because they are great fun, very motivating and specific to your needs.

"Linda is true professional - She demonstrates, teaches, and motivates in a unique, precise and effective manner. She will individualise your programme to meet your needs and ensure top class results within a realistic timescale."

− MAURA O'SULLIVAN RYAN, Former Managing Director of National Council in Exercise and Fitness (NCEF), Health Fitness Consultant and regular client at The Lair

"I used to have back pain when I stood for too long & also when I cycled. Linda Bracken introduced me to pilates & core training & I then understood what stability balls were used for. Linda's training sessions have eliminated my back pain & I am so much stronger on the bike. A stronger core can only be developed by doing the right exercises under proper guidance. Linda Bracken is living proof that pilates works & I strongly recommend her classes to everyone."

− MIKE O'MEARA, cyclist and regular client at The Lair

"Life changing Pilates. To sum it up in one word - Happiness. 2 years ago I came upon this lady through a friend and I've never looked back - only on and upwards. I've lost 30inches, dropped 2 sizes in my clothes, I stand tall, my posture is so improved, it's given me so much confidence to conquer other things like TRX, running and climbing mountains! I've gained very nice and positive friends, so if you're looking for a class and instructor like no other, then I highly recommend the Linda Bracken's classes - on and upwards!"

− MELISSA KENIHAN, regular client at The Lair for TRX and Pilates

"Linda really knows her stuff. If you think you know Pilates or TRX, think again. There's always a harder, nastier way to do it and Linda is only delighted to escort you to the "dark side" to show you how. See you there, the view is great."

− ANOUK DELIMATA, woman on a mission, never gives up on any exercise (Sports - swim bike run). Regular client at The Lair for Pilates & TRX

"After my first class I realised that this activity isn't for girlies of any gender and requires control, balance and core strength. Linda is not one to stand still and with her broad training in personal fitness and knowledge of physiology she manages to keep the classes challenging with new variations on exercises and combinations of balance equipment.

If you want to get lost in the crowd and go through the motions, the "Lair" is not the place to be."

− Des O'Donnell - cyclist, swimmer, runner and The Lair Core of Steel Winner 2013

"Very soon after starting Linda’s classes I found I had better posture. I was more conscious of my core and the strength I could draw for it. Anytime I have back stiffness or other muscular aches I come away from the class feeling flexible, supple and energised. Linda is a brilliant teacher, her knowledge of pilates, anatomy and personal training are second to none. Every class is an enjoyable class.

I highly recommended Linda’s classes or programmes to everyone no matter what your age or state of fitness."

− Katrina Bradley - cyclist, tennis player, regular at The Lair

"Linda is an excellent pilates and TRX trainer and I have attended her classes on/off over last 12 years. I am delighted to refer people to The Lair and Linda as her skills as an instructor, her attention to detail and small class size help people reach their goals in fitness and rehabilitation."

− Orla Foley - Kincora Therapy Centre Killaloe, Triathlete, regular client at The Lair