Personal Training for Sports Performance

Because you want results

Just because you are involved in a sport, doesn’t mean you are built the same as the next athlete – you can be very different to the athlete beside you. Different body type, different strengths, different needs.

Personal Training enables a one to one specific approach to the individual’s needs. It is possible to progress at a faster pace because the session revolves around 1 person, YOU. One size does not fit all.

Progression occurs organically within the session depending on performance during each exercise and the gains achieved between sessions, and this is then reflected in the results. Work is periodised to achieve the best results building toward the goal, taking into account the bigger picture and aiming to prevent overtraining.

Likewise if an athlete is having a weaker day, perhaps post event, it is also necessary to know when and how to rein it back. Getting the balance right is the most efficient way to improve sports performance.

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