TRX for Sports Performance

Come to the Dark Side

TRX is suspension training  that challenges you using your body weight as the resistance and your muscles to control the position.

Come to the Dark Side with TRX and Functional training and get the most out of your body for your sport.


First the sport/activity you do is analysed for movement patterns and exercises are developed suitable for the individual to improve them.

Hands or feet are placed in the straps and you perform the exercises under control and strict supervision.

This form of training is highly functional and uses your whole body, using all core – all the time in every exercise.

It encourages major stability in all the main joints and major improvements in strength can be seen.

Exercises can be chosen to improve specific sports, and can focus on the control of slow strength, to power and high intensity work. TRX training improves your lean muscle, raises your heart rate in the session due to increased muscle use, and this in turn lowers your body fat.

Combine with this olympic weights, battle ropes, slam balls, plyo boxes and many other fun toys designed to enhance strength and movement….Result!

The trick is to select the right equipment and the right exercises for the individual.

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