Group Training

It's different in the Lair - nowhere to hide!

Group classes are booked and paid for a block of 5-6weeks in advance (depending on the calendar/time of year). Your booking is for a specific time slot(s) each week.  All levels and types from beginner to advanced are catered for in the schedule. Every group is carefully matched to allow the group to progress appropriately. When signing up for the block it is a commitment and the space/time is held for you. It is the client’s responsibility to attend at the agreed time, as the groups are carefully balanced and kept small for best results, it is not possible to swap and change days/times.
The studio operates Monday – Friday.
Please contact Linda at 087 2213295 or [email protected] to discuss your options and for any available places. All sessions are booked by appointment only – there are no walk-ins permitted.


Linda has a wide variety of equipment to suit all needs for group strength sessions, Olympic weights, bars, benches, dumbbells of all sizes, pulley machine, TRX straps, slam balls, stability balls, plyo-boxes and much much more. The level you work to can be light or lethal – it depends on your ability and your goals. Strength sessions operate at a variety of times morning and evening.
All members are shown how to respect the equipment and the training space, and the focus is always on correct form, and while progress is encouraged – “ego lifting” at the risk of form is discouraged.
Strength sessions also can include an element of callisthenics work if appropriate.


All members are required to bring their own mat and towel to Pilates sessions and must wear socks in all sessions. Your personal mat is placed on top of layers of studio mats during on-site sessions, so you have your own mat up against you.  Pilates group sessions come in all levels from gentle to more advanced and operate different mornings and evenings.

If for any reason any sessions revert online -it is a requirement to take sessions in person with LB prior to signing up for any online sessions for accurate assessment. Online sessions can only  offered to current clients.


All Safety Procedures are available to view on site by members.
By signing up for sessions each member is agreeing to abide by these.

As with before the Covid 19 pandemic – in the interest of health and safety, all sessions both individual and group are strictly by appointment only – there are no walk-ins permitted.
Group classes are booked for a block of weeks in advance for a specific time slot each week.
Please contact Linda to discuss your options and for available spaces.

All equipment is sanitized between uses – all clients are also taught how to handle equipment safely.

Outdoor training in the fresh air is proven to be better for body and mind and it has the added bonus of removing the risks that can come with indoor training.

At the Lair we have a specially designed covered outdoor training area so we still have the benefits of all the equipment, a clear flow of fresh air and peace of mind.
During warmer months – all training will be enjoyed in the outdoor training spaces. During the cooler winter months, strength group sessions will remain mostly outdoor as they are harder workouts and its good for the soul! but Pilates will revert to the indoor training area.
All clients will be notified if any change in restrictions occurs and if session structure must be revised (for example from in-person to online).

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