Group Training

It's different in the Lair - nowhere to hide!

Group Training in the Lair is quite different to any you may have tried.

There is NO chance of being invisible or disappearing into the masses.

The maximum number in any group session is 4 – 5. This means there is maximum visibility and plenty of attention to detail to your technique.
No two people are the same – many people have posture issues, restrictions from past injuries, and everyone has their own strengths and weaknesses through different movements. As numbers are kept small, it means Linda can pay particular interest to each individual’s needs during the session.

Do you have a special occasion to get fit for? Wedding, holiday or other special event? If you have a specific sporting goal your wish to train for this is the best way to go.
See Testimonials.

She takes great care to group similar abilities (and personalities) together for the best mix of people for an enjoyable session and best results. It also means that you are always training with the same group, motivating each other, and there is reassurance in that there are no unknown quantities strolling through your class randomly from week to week.

The group move forward together. If your needs differ as time goes on, Linda will recommend solutions that will optimise your training time.

If you have a group of friends or a team with a similar goal, it is possible to set up YOUR OWN regular private group session. Contact her to discuss your needs and ability levels


All Safety Procedures are available to view on site by members.
By signing up for sessions each member is agreeing to abide by these.

As with before the pandemic and in the interest of health and safety – all sessions are booked by appointment only – there are no walk-ins permitted.
Group classes are booked and paid for a block of 5-6weeks in advance (depending on the calendar). The booking is for a specific time slot(s) each week.  All levels and types are on the calendar.
The studio operates Monday – Friday.
Please contact Linda at 087 2213295 or [email protected] to discuss your options and for available places.



Linda has a wide variety of equipment to suit all needs for group strength sessions, Olympic weights, benches, dumbbells of all sizes, TRX straps, slam balls, stability balls, and much much more. The level you work to can be light or lethal – you choose.
All equipment is kept separate in-session and carefully sanitized between uses. All clients are encouraged to maintain good cough and sneeze hygiene. As everyone is well spaced out and outdoors, masks are only needed for up close work/correction.


All members are required to bring their own mat and towel to Pilates sessions, and to wear socks in all sessions. Personal mats are placed on top of layers of studio mats during on site sessions so you have your own mat up against you.  The mats underneath are sprayed between sessions. All clients are required to wear their mask until they are in situ on their mat (outdoor sessions), all mats are well spaced out.
From Summer 2021, Pilates group sessions have returned to the outdoor covered training area.

During Restrictions Covid-19 Pilates group and Strength group sessions were held online. It is a requirement to take sessions in person with LB prior to signing up for any online sessions for accurate assessment. Should we at any time in the future be required to revert to online training due to any further lockdown, online sessions will only be on offer for current clients.

Social Distancing and spacing of training areas is taken very seriously at the Lair

Outdoor training in the fresh air is proven to be better for body and mind, and it has the added bonus that it removes the dangers of cross infection that come with training indoors in a confined space with poor air flow.
At the Lair we have a specially designed covered outdoor training area so we still have the benefits of all the equipment, a clear flow of fresh air and peace of mind.
In the interest of health and safety -from the GREAT RE-OPEN of Summer 2021, we will enjoy all sessions in person and will remain in the outdoor training areas.
Any change in session structure forced by status of the pandemic will be notified to all clients as necessary (for example from in-person to online) and as the vaccination programme progresses later in the year, certain aspects of training will revert to the indoor studio.

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