TRX Suspension Training

Hanging from the ceiling in straps...??


Here’s why – TRX is suspension training  –  it challenges by using your body weight as the resistance and your muscles to control the position.

Depending on your body position, the exercises can be modified easier for those only starting out or enhanced to “suck it up” levels for those able for big strength gains. Everyone works to their specific level…plus a bit more for the best results and always under close supervision.

Make your body the machine – using all core – all the time in every exercise.

Also blended in to create maximal effect could a selection of other Functional Training exercises involving dumbells, olympic weights, Bosu, slam balls, battle ropes, plyo boxes and so much more when the mood arises…

The level you work at depends on you.  You would be invited to work only at a level suited to you as there are different levels of sessions and different levels WITHIN each session as well. You will only be encouraged to work at a level suitable for YOU. Focus on strict form is encouraged before progression and safe handling of equipment in all sessions.

It is recommended before joining a group session that a 1-1 session (or more if required) be attended as a learning base to be ready to be at the right level.

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