Pilates is not what you think it is...

Some think it’s about breathing….

Some think it’s about stretching….

Some think it’s only a “girl” thing. Not so.

Yes you have to breathe. But you also have to contract muscles so you have to work hard too.

Yes there is some lengthening of muscles – but while you are lengthening one you are strengthening another so no holiday there…

“Boys” should do Pilates too. It can be a very tough workout or a very gentle workout depending on the level of the session. You can feel it in every muscle and you will learn where everything is.  Try it.

Pilates is about a creating strength in long lean muscles, stamina and a more functional flexibility. Anyone and everyone should include Pilates in their daily regime to improve their quality of life, reduce back pain, and lose inches!

What is Pilates?

Pilates exercises are mat based exercises focused on balancing the whole body by bringing the body back into ideal alignment. They use your own body weight as the machine instead of a gym workout (occasionally using extra pieces of pilates equipment and the odd bowl of water/tennis ball/peanut …)

It creates improved body awareness and enhances coordination and efficiency and a much stronger body.

Whilst strengthening one muscle, there is an active and very functional lengthening of  another – through all of these movements the body is supported by many deep muscles of the trunk, hip, shoulder and spine. These are more beneficial to improved function and strength than static exercises or stretches. By performing regular Pilates sessions the body becomes more aware of alignment and posture in day to day activities and in sport.

Want to know how a Bowl of water + tennis ball + peanut = results?

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