Look outside the box – get lean and strong!

Functional Training using body weight and can happen ANYWHERE, is more beneficial and easier to fit into your life. (see above – kids monkey bars, at the beach + no shame)

I have not trained in a normal gym setting for 15 years. Any space is up for grabs as a potential playground for me because my “gym” is my own body and can be worked literally anywhere.

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Machines not required


Everyone has their own kit and does not cost anything! I then combine this with any implements I can find lying around  – a fence, steps, a bench, a tree, the floor, medicine balls…all sorts!  you just need a good imagination and no shame…. and progress sensibly

Don’t limit yourself to one mindset or approach to your fitness.


  • Abs are made in the kitchen
  • Lift Heavy
  • HIIT not long hours of cardio.
  • Only 12 yr old girls should look like 12 year old girls.


This superb article by Allison Moyer is absolutely bang on and says it exactly how it is.

If your goal is to get lean strong and fit – please click on the link read it all and be inspired! I could not have said it better myself.

All that remains is to open your mind to the possibilities then come out and play!

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Just playing around and seeing what else is possible on the TRX…